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BOOK YOURSELF - Copenhagen is a wonderful destination, and the city offers many things to see, do, and experience. Nyhavn, the little mermaid, Stroget & the Royal Castle are just a few of the highlights. With this 3-day Classic Copenhagen itinerary suggestion, we want to help you create YOUR perfect trip, making sure you get to enjoy the many  highlights of the city.  

With this classic Copenhagen itinerary, you will get to see the little mermaid, Nyhavn, castles, Tivoli, take a day excursion to a nearby city, and much more. 


Day 1

Guided City Tour / Round Tower /Nyhavn

Start the morning with a 2 or 3-hour introduction tour of Copenhagen.
Join a walking tour or a bike tour.
After lunch, walk to the Round Tower, Rundetarn, and enjoy the view and the ongoing exhibit.
Even though you walked through Nyhavn on your city tour, it's always fun to go back and stroll the area on your own. Enjoy your evening here. Nyhavn lights up beautifully at night.

Day 2

Castles / Museum / Tivoli

Spend the morning at the Rosenborg castle with the King's Garden. Also, take some time exploring the Amalienborg castle and watch the change of guards at lunchtime.
In the afternoon, depending on your interests, visit one of the Copenhagen museums. A few suggestions are,
Design Museum Denmark, National Museum of Denmark, The National Gallery of Denmark – SMK. If you enjoy art, the Louisiana of Modern Art, north of the city, is a gem.
Spend the evening at Tivoli gardens, fun for all ages.

Day 3

Canal Tour / Shopping / Evening Fun

Enjoy a canal tour through Copenhagen in the morning.
After lunch, enjoy some shopping at Stroget.
Maybe not for everyone, but Kristiania is an interesting visit. They often have live events and a beer garden. If this is not for you, see what's playing at the Copenhagen Opera House. If you are a foodie, book a table at Noma, one of the world's best restaurants.

This is a 3-day classic Copenhagen itinerary. Here are some suggestions of local tours, that you can book on your own, to get as much as possible out of your Copenhagen stay.

Prebook the following tours:

When it comes to accommodation you can see some of our Copenhagen suggestions here:

After you have outlined what you want to include in your trip. I suggest that you do a quick availability check for your wanted flight and accommodation.  When that is done, follow the below booking schedule:

  1. Start booking your flights, or ways to get to and from Copenhagen.
  2. Book your hotel. 
  3. Book your local tours in Copenhagen.
  4. Book your Copenhagen Card.

Enjoy your Copenhagen trip!

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