21+ Biking, Walking, and Canal Tours in Copenhagen Denmark

tours in copenhagen denmark

Wonderful Copenhagen, with Nyhavn, the Little Mermaid, and Stroget, can be discovered in many different ways. To get one of the locals to show you around and share their story of the Danish capital might just become the highlight of your trip. Doing one of the tours in Copenhagen is a great way to get to know the city.

Like the one time, I took a guided canal boat tour and enjoyed the city from the water. I saw amazing sites that I have never seen before, although I go to Copenhagen quite often. Usually, I stroll around town, but seeing it from the water gave me a different perspective.

You can also discover the city, like the Danes themselves do, by bike. If biking is not for you, a Segway or walking tour might be a better option. Copenhagen also offers many different interest-specific tours like food and beer, photography, castle, alternative, and guided tours for families with younger kids.

Copenhagen is a great place for all ages. The city offers many fun kids activities like Tivoli Gardens, the Zoo, and the Aquarium. Even strolling around on the shopping street Stroget, without cars in sight, makes for a more relaxed experience, even with young kids.

Joining a tour is not just for the sights it’s also to get the chance to spend some time with a local, ask questions, and hear some of the stories they have to tell. Often they have personal recommendations of things to see and do. They know what current events are going on and can make restaurant suggestions. Most guides speak English, make sure your tour is in your language when you book it.

So what kind of tours can you enjoy in Copenhagen? Also, what can you expect to see and experience on those tours? Let’s talk about it.

Biking Tours in Copenhagen

You will see bikers and bike lanes all around Copenhagen, one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world. People bike to work and school. For many locals, biking is part of the lifestyle of living in Copenhagen and Scandinavia in general. Joining a bike tour can be a great way to see some of the many highlights and landmarks covering a large area of the city.

You will be sure to see some of the castles, colorful houses, and cobblestone streets. Most tours will include Nyhavn, the little Mermaid, City Hall square, and Frederik’s church. Make sure to check the details of your choice.

There are many different bike tours offered in Copenhagen. You can join a private or small group tour with a guide. Tours often last from 2 – 3 hours. All of them will take breaks along the way for you to take pictures and capture the moment.

What to think about: bring rain gear and dress for the season.

Tour suggestions:

Walking Tours in Copenhagen

Strolling around Copenhagen with a guide showing you the highlights and sharing the history behind them is a great way to get to know the city better. Sure, you can walk through Nyhavn on your own, but getting the history and stories behind the beautiful colorful buildings, will create long-lasting memories.

Depending on your walking tour, you will cover sights like the Little Mermaid, shopping street Stroget, Christianborg Castle, Nyhavn, City hall, and the Round Tower. Make sure to check what they include on the tour you pick.

You can get a private guide and customize your tour, or you can join one of the small or larger group tours that will have a set program to follow. Walking tours usually last from a couple of hours up to a full day of guiding.

What to think about: wear comfortable shoes and bring rain gear.

Tour suggestions:

Canal Tours in Copenhagen / Copenhagen Boat Tours

Copenhagen from the water is beautiful. Explore the canals and enjoy the architecture with a mix of old and new. You will see castles like the Amalienborg Palace, the Danish Parlament, the Little Mermaid, churches, boats, and houses on your journey.

You can join one of the bigger canal boats, but my suggestion is to join a smaller boat for a more personal experience. Tours are usually between an hour and two long, departing from Nyhavn, Ved Stranden, or Kvæsthusbroen.

Tour suggestions:

Food Tours in Copenhagen

One of my favorite things to do when traveling is to try the local cuisine, and Copenhagen is no exception. Now, the red hot dog that my son begs for every time we go back might not qualify as fine cuisine, but it is sure worth a try.

Another thing to try is the open face sandwiches “smorrebrod”. Make sure to get the shrimp sandwich, it’s my favorite. There’s a lot more to the Danish food culture, and what better way than to do a food tour, having a local show you around and have you taste a variety.

Sample classic dishes along with the latest from the Nordic cuisine. Depending on the food tour, the set-up is different. You can expect to stop at a few venues and try a variety of dishes and drinks. Make sure to check what’s included in your wanted tour when it comes to food and beverages before booking it.

Tour suggestions:

Castle Tours in Copenhagen and North Zealand

Denmark, a country where you can become a king or queen for the day, visiting the many historic castles. Get outside of Copenhagen and explore Hamlet’s Kronborg Castle and breathtaking Frederiksborg Palace with stunning gardens. Historic town Roskilde where you will learn more about the Viking history and visit the Viking ship museum, are often included in these tours.

These tours often take a full day, allowing you to see more of the Danish countryside as well. Join a small group tour or private tour for the best experience.

Tour suggestions:

Alternative Tours in Copenhagen

Discover Copenhagen’s alternative sides on some of the tours. Visit neighborhoods like Vesterbro, learn about red and green light districts, and their history that has shaped today’s culture. Learn about the people, the Danish system, the underground world, and much more. Some tours include the free town of Christiania. This free-spirited community is a unique community on its own.

Tours are usually private or in small groups, between 1 ½ to 3 hours long.

Tour suggestions:

Segway, Christmas, and a Visit to Sweden

There are many other tour suggestions that you can do in Copenhagen. Here are a few other popular ones, Segway, Christmas tour, and a tour to Sweden visiting Malmo and Lund.

Tour suggestions:


Copenhagen is wonderful, and the way you decide to discover it is up to you. What tour would you be interested in doing? Is there something that we left out? Feel free to share some of your thoughts around Copenhagen tours in the comment section below,


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    1. I’ll be happy to help you with tips and ideas of what to see and do in Copenhagen, when it is time for you to travel. I just love the city! Depending on what you are interested in, I’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

  1. Copenhagen is one of my favorite cities, although I haven’t been there in quite a long time! And while I’ve spent some time there I’ve never taken a tour of any kind. I would love to do one of the canal tours. Things always seem to look a bit different from the water than when you’re walking the streets. Do the canal tours operate year-round?

    1. Copenhagen is beautiful, and as you say, it is a different experience seeing it from the water. Canal tours are operating all-year-round, usually the shorter 1 or 2-hour ones. The longer tours are usually just available in the summer. Just as I received your comment, I got a message from HeyCaptain, one of the canal tour operators in Copenhagen. They are one of the companies offering shorter tours all year.

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